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Over the past 5 years, Somewhere Studios has earned its reputation as the go-to creative studio for brands seeking to tell authentic stories and build engagement.


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We collaborate because it makes the work better. And because it’s just more fun. We champion diverse voices and more storytellers because the truth is big and complex, and no one can tell it alone. We celebrate other media makers doing their thing because it pushes us to do better. Whether we’re working directly with brands or joining forces with their agencies, we seek out client partners who want to work with us as a true team, everyone contributing ideas and passion in the service of creation.


Wildness is more than a place, it’s an attitude, a feeling, a way of being in the world. We take our coffee unsweetened, and our characters unconventional, thank you very much. We look for client partners and collaborators with crazy dreams in their eyes. We tell stories about wildness because we’ve witnessed how those stories can stir our own spirits and make people feel alive. We turn our lens on wild places because it is the best way we know how to revere those places and to inspire our audiences to fight for them.


We’re not talking about fearlessness here. We’re talking about shivering the night away in a portaledge, shaking from cold and from terror, as a storm howls around you. We’re talking about the sweaty palms that come from walking away from the steady paycheck and the good health insurance, with no real idea of what comes next. We’re talking about how the racing heart you get when you’re about to drop in on a really steep line feels the same as when you’re staring at the blank page, steadying yourself before you drop into the first lines of the script, or the idea, or the love letter. We believe that to do anything great means that at some point, you’re going to be very, very afraid. And that you’ve got to do it anyway.

Jake Kinney at Red Bull Rising Talent US
B-Girl Logistx

“Somewhere Studios transformed our brand with their stunning visuals and compelling storytelling. Their creativity and passion for the wild world truly set them apart.”

Dean Tucker - Earth Club

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